Welcome to Waffle

Sorry, no configuration file was found for this web site. Don't stress though — we'll get you fixed right away.

Option 1

If you just want to see Waffle running on your server, then fill in the following MySQL connection information:

Option 2

If you want Waffle to really be functional, you will need to create a file named config.ini (all lowercase) in this folder:


At a minimum, this file should contain your database connection information:

; This line is necessary - PHP will not parse the file without it here.
type     = "mysql"              ; <- Currently only MySQL is supported
username = "your username"      ;
password = "your password"      ;
hostname = "your hostname"      ; <- This can be "localhost"
database = "your database name" ;

Once you have done this, the web site should be running.

Have fun!